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Online data acquisition system
Remotely access and configure your system

Leverage the power of the cloud to gather, store, and analyze the data from your receivers.

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Feature-rich wildlife telemetry transmitters

Our VHF transmitters have user programmable settings such as pulses per minute (PPM), day/time scheduling, and emission protocols to give you the flexibility you need

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Fast, powerful, broad band receivers

The Orion receiver can listen to a 1MHz wide set of channels simultaneously, with no scan time.

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Why choose radio telemetry?

Water or Land Use

Radio telemetry works for fresh water and terrestrial use.

Noise Tolerance

In water, acoustic transmitters are more susceptible to noise.

Wireless Access

Allowing internet access enables live data, and more automatic data collection.

Vehicular Tracking

It is possible to detect transmitters via plane or car.

Modular Design

Our radio transmitters are easy to customize, and add/remove sensors.


Compared to other methods, radio telemetry is one of the lowest cost solutions.

Our most popular radio transmitters Guaranteed to meet your requirements, or covered under warranty


  • NEW
  • INTERNAL tag
  • 150 DAY estimated lifespan*
  • 1.5g weight


  • INTERNAL tag
  • 5 YEAR estimated lifespan*
  • MORTALITY detection
  • 9.0g weight


  • EXTERNAL tag with mounting holes
  • 5 YEAR estimated lifespan*
  • RUGGED design
  • 9.0g weight


  • INTERNAL tag
  • 14 YEAR estimated lifespan*
  • MORTALITY detection
  • 16.0g weight

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What makes Sigma Eight unique?

State of the Art Radio Telemetry

We update our products frequently to keep up with modern technology.

Collaborative Research

Contact other researchers in your field through our sister site,

Programmable Tags

Extend battery life of transmitters by initializing transmission schedules.

Remote Downloads

Download receiver data from anywhere in the world.

Seamless Receiving Systems

Have up to 50 antennas report into a single database with the MITAS system.

Multiple Tag Types

Track multiple radio transmitter types with the Orion receiver.

Easily Scalable Systems

Our tracking products make it easy to add new sites and resources.

Experts at Tracking

We will be able to help you setup and optimize your research for radio tracking.

Lowest Prices

We have the most competitive prices in the wildlife tracking industry.

How do I get started with radio tracking today?

Contact us with details about your wildlife project We'll do the rest.
  • Custom design - our engineers will design to suit your tracking needs.
  • Years of experience, leading to high quality products and reliable systems.
  • Orders can be expedited to meet your time constraints.
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Information at your fingertips with our Education Material
  • Understand more about the capabilities of our products and RF tracking.
  • Get more out of your wildlife research, find answers to your technical questions.
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