How do I access your apps?

You can access and download our apps through the Google Play Store. Currently our apps are only available for Android due to the advanced capability and flexibility, and lower cost of development for the platform.

What are the advantages of radio telemetry over other methods of wildlife tracking?

Feature Radio

Ease of

on Rivers
Moderate to
Easy on Dams
Moderate to
Easy on Rivers
to Difficult on Dams
Zone Location
2-D location YesLower
3-D location
Depth Sensor
Aircraft Tracking
High Turbulence
High Conductivity
Deep Water Poor
Data AnalysisMostly

How much do your tags and other products cost? How do I get a quote?

The price of our standard tags start at under USD $200. The price of our tags does not increase with battery size or sensors, and decreases with quantity, so you will never have to compromise on getting the type and/or number of tags you need to meet your budget.

Please visit our contact page, email or call our office for an initial consultation and free quote. We will get back to you quickly. You can call us at 905-833-0061 or email us at

Will the tag(s) be harmful to my animal?

We make sure to eliminate any sharp or rough edges on our tags and finish them with a non-toxic substance to provide optimal comfort and safety for the animal. At Sigma Eight we are also committed to using recyclable materials to pack and ship our products whenever possible in order to minimize harm to animals and the environment.

What if I need a custom-made tag for my animal?

No problem! Let us know what your specifications are and we will be happy to create a custom order for you. We are able to modify any of our existing products or create a new one to meet your needs. Custom moulds or attachments can be created to your specifications. The cost will depend on the complexity of the requirement, but if the modifications are minor and the number of tags is large enough, no additional charge might be necessary.

How do I program my Orion receiver?

You use the OrionTool software to program your Orion receiver. OrionTool allows you to set receiver ID, date/time, noise floor, frequencies, bands, tag type, detection parameters, etc. If installed, you can also control antenna switching.

OrionTool is available for free from our website with a username and password which can be obtained by contacting support.

How do I adjust the settings and features on my tag(s) and program my tag(s)?

You can program your Pisces tags using our Pisces programmer and PiscesTool software, available for download from our website. Please contact us at 905-833-0061 or for a username and password to access the software.

Once you have your Pisces tag running and PiscesTool installed, you will be able to adjust the tag’s settings and features as desired and program it to meet your needs.

How will I know which frequencies I need for my tag(s)?

There are several factors to consider when selecting the proper radio frequencies for your tags.

Do you already have equipment for a specific frequency?
Does your organization or country have any frequency preferences or requirements?
Are there any interfering sources in your study area that you should avoid?
Are there any other studies taking place in or near your study area?

We stock crystals for frequencies in the 148 to 150, 164, 166, and 172 MHz bands.
Custom frequencies can be ordered but usually require 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

How will I know what type of tag(s) I need for my animal?

We manufacture a variety of tags for several different species of animals, including fish, birds, turtles and snakes.

There are several criteria we need to know before we can create the right tag for you and your animal. Considering the following questions will help us serve you better and faster!

What is the approximate size and weight of tag your animal can carry?
How long do you need your tag to last?
What type of transmission do you need (coded, beeper)?
What transmission rate do you need (bursts or beep interval)?
Are there any times of day or year you can suspend transmissions?
Are there any physical limitations for attachment? For example, should the tag be internal or external?
What type of special modifications might you need for your tag, if any?

Please consult our product directory and contact us for more information.