How will I know what type of tag(s) I need for my animal?

We manufacture a variety of tags for several different species of animals, including fish, birds, turtles and snakes.

There are several criteria we need to know before we can create the right tag for you and your animal. Considering the following questions will help us serve you better and faster!

What is the approximate size and weight of tag your animal can carry?
How long do you need your tag to last?
What type of transmission do you need (coded, beeper)?
What transmission rate do you need (bursts or beep interval)?
Are there any times of day or year you can suspend transmissions?
Are there any physical limitations for attachment? For example, should the tag be internal or external?
What type of special modifications might you need for your tag, if any?

Please consult our product directory and contact us for more information.

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