Portable Receiving System Overview

Sigma Eight Inc’s portable receiving system is an innovative and low cost assortment of equipment used to track radio transmitters for wildlife research. In order to utilize this system, it centers around the Pisces Decoder app for Android™ which is available for purchase on the Google Play store. The system works by having the user feed audio from the handheld receiver to the Android™ device. Pisces Decoder will then decode any pulses detected by analyzing the time interval between them. A code will be determined and displayed, along with the signal strength and coordinates of the Android™ device. The system is fairly robust, and can usually decode any radio transmitters that are audible from the receiver.

Suggested Equipment

The portable receiving system uses the following components:

  1. A handheld receiver
  2. Bluetooth Receiver
  3. 2-Client Bluetooth Transmitter
  4. Android™ device (running 4.1 or later)
  5. Bluetooth headset
  6. Sigma Eight Inc. Microphone Cable
  7. Mono-to-stereo adapter
  8. A 3.5mm aux jumper

Recommended Accessories include:

  1. A coax adapter (for hooking up directional antennas to the handheld receiver)
  2. A long (2ft or more) 3.5mm aux jumper
  3. A 3.5mm aux splitter

If you already have some of the components above, it is possible to substitute them in and reduce the cost of the system.

Portable Receiving System Intro