Pisces Transmitter

The most configurable radio telemetry transmitter on the market

Our Pisces tags are highly versatile due to having the most programmable features of any radio telemetry transmitter on the market. With the Pisces transmitter and the accompanying programmer, researchers can quickly and easily change the parameters of their tag such as pulse width and interval, and create a coded system for their tag(s) using the included code sets or following the instructions to invent their own. The standard beeper or coded emission modes are available on every transmitter.

Pisces transmitters are also re-programmable and reusable, so you won’t have to order new ones if you need to adjust the parameters, or if you have terminated and recovered tags with battery life remaining. It is also possible to place a magnet close to the PCB to silence the transmitter for transport or storage.

You can also conserve the battery life of your tag(s) by programming the tag to shut down or lower its transmission rate based on the time of day or year. Most of our tags are priced exclusive of battery size or sensors, so you will always get the results you want without having to compromise on features to save money.

Features of the Pisces transmitter:A radio transmitter being programmed

  • Programmable Pulse Width
  • Programmable Pulse Interval
  • User-Created Code Set
  • Delayed Start
  • Initial Burst
  • Time Control
  • Calendar Control
  • Programmed Termination
  • Long Shelf Life

If your requirements cannot be met with our standard shapes or sizes, a custom transmitter can be made upon request. Because of the modular design of the Pisces radio telemetry transmitter, it is usually not difficult to meet special demands. Generally, if the modification is not overly complex, it is free.

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Beacon Transmitter

Used as a reliable radio emission source

Radio telemetry beacon transmitterBeacons are used in the setup and calibration of radio telemetry receiving systems, by emitting a constant and reliable signal periodically. These devices can be programmed to emit a certain code which the user defines, allowing the beacon to be used as a status check for the system. If a beacons signal strength dips or goes silent, this alerts the user that the system has issues.

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